Your Ultimate Freedom Blueprint

Your Step by Step Map to Navigate from A Job Your Dread To A Life You Love

The roadmap is so key! It really helped me see things more clearly.  Julie, you are a master in this content and the whole process.  


The Ultimate Freedom Blueprint:

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What People Are Saying:

  • Hearing all the stages of the roadmap....I feel I can be a bit calmer about the process."

  • Love it! Just what I am looking for. You are so encouraging!

  • The Blueprint is amazing and I am so in the middle of this whole thing!

So What Does Ultimate Freedom Look Like?

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4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. How to find what you're seeking WITHIN YOU even when your external circumstances are not what you want.
  2. The importance of a short-term plan to transition to the next step of your soul's highest path
  3. How to create the space needed to explore what you truly love even when you feel stuck in the rat race.
  4. Why your spiritual growth and maturation is leading you to create every aspect of your life from true connection to your inner source and how to cultivate this connection in your life.

About Julie Migneault, MBA

Julie is the go-to person for corporate executives and professionals who feel stuck in unfulfilling careers and are ready to break free to inspiring, authentic and deeply fulfilling lives.

She transitioned from her unhappy “successful” corporate career in New York City and began a deep inner exploration that led her to a truly rewarding life in Maui, Hawaii where she serves hundreds of people as an energy healer, intuitive coach and mentor.

“It’s my personal mission to support every individual who crosses my path to source from within themselves to heal the places where they have disconnected from their own love, so they can live their greatest freedom and Divine Human Potential.” 

Julie is a graduate of the prestigious, world renowned four-year Barbara Brennan School of Healing where she intensively studied energy healing, consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology. She is a gifted channel, offering clear guidance to her clients from a non-egoistic state of being. Julie brings deep presence to her work with clients, creating a space for them to overcome the barriers that hold them back from living extraordinary lives.

Julie holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Bentley University. She worked extensively in the field of Corporate Responsibility, Human Rights and Sustainability for multiple Fortune 500 corporations.

She frequently speaks on multiple media platforms, teaches workshops and is the host of her own radio show, Embodied Awakening on Intention Radio. She works with individuals and groups from all over the globe.  Julie has traveled extensively to over 20+ countries and synthesizes her many areas of expertise to facilitate real transformation in her clients.

The Ultimate Freedom Blueprint:

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